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Are You The Best Fuckers?


Three of these, they’re pretending to be lesbians. In the other three they’re being themselves. But who can tell which are which?

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TV Shows According To The Tumblr Tags I Follow 


Hannibal is about the flower-wreath wearing forbidden gay love between a serial killer and cop, with guest appearances by Gillian Anderson and Gina Torres, sadly, not together.

Black Sails is about a lesbian pirate and the hooker with a heart of gold the pirate is courting.

Warehouse 13 is a scifi show about a bunch of goofballs who hunt supernatural stuff. It is also about the lesbian love affair between a giraffe and a unicorn. There’s also something about dragon’s blood but fuck if I can figure that out.

Orphan Black is about hot lesbians making science together.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is about a computer hacker and a science nerd being lesbians together.

Arrow is about how the Black Canary fills the Oracle sized hole in her heart by banging Oliver’s assistant.

Elementary is about Lucy Liu being awesome, and Natalie Dormer as the sociopath completely dumbfounded by how much Liu’s awesomeness makes her lady parts tingle.

Person Of Interest is a show about what happens when a borderline sociopath and a borderline psychopath can’t decide whether or not they want to kill or have sex with each other.

Rizzoli & Isles is well.. not that different from the show except, on tumblr, the cases are actually interesting and Jane and Maura actually have sex.

Teen Wolf is either about the forbidden gay love between a werewolf and his still-in-high school boyfriend, OR, it’s the supernatural sapphic adventures of a bow and arrow wielding huntress and her banshee girlfriend.

Once Upon A Time is either about a slutty pansexual pirate and, occasionally, the hot blonde who’d really, really like for the pirate to stop banging her dad, OR, it’s about the hot blonde and her tumultuous affair with the Evil Queen, all while the hot blonde’s mom screams either ‘INCEST’ or ‘PORN!’.

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Try to hear my voice, you can leave now it’s your choice. 
If you’re warm then you can relate to me.

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Rizzles + lack of personal space
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favorite rizzoli and isles moments:
"I’m glad we live in a state that women like you can get married if that’s what you want.."

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I may or may not be attracted to the way Maura is crouching in that suit.

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[drops a hint] [drops a few more hints] [trips over them] [knocks over a table]


[Lands in brother’s arm instead] [confused]

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Jane+Maura and their purely platonic friendship my ass 3/?

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