Nice hair! It's really pretty!
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Nice hair! It's really pretty!
Rizzoli & Isles - A Mean Girls 10th Anniversary appreciation post

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I watched two movies in cinema today: “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Prometheus”. Both of them were awesome and both of them were with Charlize Theron! 

SWATH was great as I was expecting. Then I watched “Prometheus” and jfc it was MIND-BLOWING!

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Just watched “Game Change”! It was brilliant!!! Julianne Moore did an extraordinary job on playing Sarah Palin! 

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So I watched BREAKING DAWN - Part 1. The movie was great! 

It was a Cosmopolitan VIP premiere and if you wanted to get prizes you had to dress in Gothic style. This is me at the cinema…[and my friend Gintarė]

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I just watched “Attila” and then I went to imdb and saw that today is Gerard Butler’s birthday! 

btw the movie was great and as I found out it was filmed in my country Lithuania. All of this is so weird xD

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